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Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

ShrockBars rock sliders are ShrockWorks’ first entry into the Xterra market and they plan to develop additional Xterra products which will be of interest to many owners. If the quality and precision of the sliders is any indication, you can look forward to nothing but the best in upcoming products from Shrockworks!

The main components of the ShrockWorks ShrockBars kit include:

  • Shrockbars Rock Sliders
  • Mounting Hardware

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Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

ShrockBars Installation

Installation of the ShrockWorks Rock Sliders is very straightforward. Just line ‘em up and bolt ‘em into place - no drilling required. I would recommend that you plan this as a two-man job though because the bars are very solid. It’s much easier to manipulate the bars and line up the bolt holes when you have a partner assisting.

First remove the four bolts that hold on the factory steps and set them aside.

Weld detail

Finished detail

Some Xterras have a five pound harmonic weight mounted on each side of the frame with two bolts, just aft of the rearmost step bar mounting points. Remove this to before installing the sliders. The weight of the bars will do more than that little gizmo ever did to dampen vibrations anyway.

The ShrockWorks rock sliders have been designed with a third hole in the rear mounting plate which uses one of the holes from the weight. Installing this extra bolt is optional.

Install the sliders using the new bolts supplied with them. Leave all of the bolts slightly loose except for one bolt on the center mount which can be snugged up enough to allow the alignment of the bar to be fine tuned before tightening.

Use the body lines and sight from several angles to be sure that the bars are even and parallel. Once you are satisfied, tighten all of the bolts and you’re done.

Clearance to body

ShrockBars Installed

The sliders sit about 1/4” from the bottom of the body pinch seam. In most cases this is enough to prevent contact with the body, and notching the pinch seam should not be necessary.

Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

One of the nicest design features of the ShrockBars is the upswept outer tube which not only protects your rocker panels but also enhances the appearance of your truck. Protecting your rockers does not have to mean sacrificing ground clearance either. The angled sweep allows for excellent clearance and provides great protection against side impacts, a common source of offroad damage. If you are in a tight spot and slip sideways, it is often your door which takes the blow.


ShrockBars Installed

ShrockBars Installed

As some Xterra owners have painfully discovered, the OEM step bars don’t stand a chance in a situation like this and may even cause more damage than if they were not present at all. The extension of the outer tube of the ShrockBars successfully fends off side impacts and also provides convenient step access. For those of us who use our Xterras on the street occasionally, the bars will go a long way to prevent door dings from inconsiderate strangers. I don’t know about you, but a door ding from a thoughtless numbskull torques me off a lot more than an impact scar received while off road. On the Xterra, we decided to set the angle of the outer bars to 30 degrees (previous versions for other vehicles have been made with a 20 degree slant); you can see for yourself how well it accents the sleek lines of the vehicle. Another feature which strengthens the assembly is a center brace added between the outer and inner bars.

Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

I’m convinced that ShrockBars are the beefiest rock sliders available for your Xterra. Only the best, strongest materials are used. The outer bar is fabricated from mandrel bent 1.75” x 0.134 thick tubing. This tubing has an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and is widely used in applications which demand high structural integrity such as roll cages for race cars.

The inner bars are fabricated from 2” square tubing with 3/16” thick walls and fitted with steel end caps (NOT snap-in plastic ones) which are welded and hand finished. All seams are MIG welded and the ¼” steel base plates are laser cut for extreme accuracy and precision. ShrockBars will allow you to charge ahead offroad with no fear of damage to your rocker panels.

ShrockBars are available powdercoated for $348.00 or unpainted for $298.00.

Review by Rick Lombardi February 25, 2003

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