Xterra Owners Club Web Site Information

Xterra Owners Club launched on August 15th, 2000. The main reason to get the site up and running was to provide a fast, efficient message board for Xterra owners. Over the coming months we hope to grow the site into a one stop location for all of your Xterra related needs. Many of you have sent suggestions and ideas to make this a great place, and I hope one day it becomes that.

In no particular order, my thanks to:

  • Charles Kelso
  • Hugh Walton
  • Bryan Mann
  • Michael Taylor
  • Todd Frank
  • Chris Oakley
  • Marc Mosiman
  • Bruce Robinson
  • Steve Richardson
  • Paul McFarlane
  • Steve Fisk
  • Scott Allan
  • David Moore
  • Sasha Strauss
  • Jeff Fletcher
  • Jason Coish
  • Carlton McMillan
  • Everyone who attended GOX
  • Everyone on the Yahoo Board
  • Everyone on the ITW Board
My apologies to those whos name I forgot.

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