Raingler interior X-NET
Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

Raingler has been developing innovative cargo containment devices for Jeeps for the last 3 years. Recently, Raingler have expanded their product line to other makes and models. They currently have 5 products designed for the Xterra, and more in development. One of my favorite products is their interior X-NET

The main components of the Raingler interior X-NET kit include:

  • Interior X-NET
  • Mounting Hardware

For more information about this product and other cargo and net accessories visit Raingler

Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

Installation is easy and takes only about 15 minutes.


Interior X-NET Installation

Before you get started, make sure the 6 ceiling clips are facing the correct way. The fore and aft ceiling clips need to have their largest opening facing front to back, while the 2 center clips need to face each other as shown in the image to the right.

Adjust the ceiling clips first

Adjustable buckles

All 6 of the attachment straps are extra long to allow you to custom fit the X-NET to your Xterra and cargo.

Starting at the front or back, pass the straps through the ceiling clips. Loop them around and pass them through the buckles. Do the same for the side ceiling clips and the other end.

The rear mounts (nearest the tailgate) should be snugged as far as they will go for proper placement of the X-NET.

Snug them down good

Strap tucked away

The side mounts should be adjusted about as shown in the image to the left. Once your X-NET is full with cargo, you can adjust the side mounts for tightness.

Once all the buckles are fastened, loop the extra webbing around and through the buckles to get the ends out of the way.

You are then ready to fill the X-NET with what ever you like, within reason. Heavy objects, or anything that could cause injury during an accident are not recommended. If you do store something heavy, use a carabiner or something similar to attach it to the webbing.

Strap tucked around and away
Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion
Testing has been ongoing since I installed the Raingler interior X-NET in August 2002.

So far, I am very happy with the interior X-NET.

The weather in Colorado is always changing, and it's nice to have somewhere to permanently store foul weather gear.

Stashed up in the X-NET, jackets, hats and gloves stay clean and dry, and out of harms way (and don't become chew toys for our dog).

A bunch of stuff for testing

Our usual stash of cold weather gear

The X-NET offers a lot of room for storage, space that is otherwise wasted in the Xterra.

Visibility out the back is not compromised. Even when filled with half a dozen jackets, gloves and hats, the X-NET doesn't pull down from the ceiling more than an inch from its unladen position.

The only concern with the interior X-NET is head space if you regularly have people taller than 5' 10" sitting in the back of your Xterra. If this is the case, contact Raingler, as they are working on a shorter design along with other cool new products.

Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion
A great design, and a great price, the Raingler interior X-NET is an excellent choice for additional storage space.
Review by xoc October 10, 2002

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