Magnalight HID Lamps
Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion


What is something we all want more of at night? (get your head out of the gutter) Light

These HIDs have some great advantages aside from the price point.

  • Built in balast
  • Alumnium construction so no rust
  • Low current draw
  • Three differant beam patterns

For more information about this product and others that are similer visit Magnalight

Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

Installation is as easy as any other aux lighting product. The internal balast makes it simple by not having to worry about mounting and protecting an external part to the lamp.



I ended up replacing my PIAA lights with these (the PIAAs had begun to rust away) so I was able to use the same mounting holes that the old lights used.

From start to finish it took me a little over 30 min to replace the old and busted PIAA's with the new HID lamps.

Fresh out of the box

Just like every other off-road light you've installed

Running the wires will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on what else you have on your truck. I ended up using a fuseblock in the engine bay to run all the positive power leads to the lights.

For the switch, I reused the heavy duty switch (same type of switch used by ARB to run their compressor and locker) instead of using the provided switch. This saved me some time.

Due to the initial current draw for the lamps, each lamp comes with its own wire harness (complete with relay, fuse and switch) I do advise that you run one relay per light.

I found that you can run the lights off the same switch as long as you give one relay per light. This makes it less cluttered on your dash.


Easy to install wire harness

A look at the spot version

The lights come in three versions. Flood, Spot and Modified Spot.

The differances are that the Flood is just that, a flood light that projects a very wide pattern but does not go out too far..

The Modified Spot is sort of a cross between the Flood and the Spot. Think of it more like your standard car headlight on crack.

The Spot is a very narrow beam that will shine light on the moon. (see below)

Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

I use the flood beam almost every time I drive now. The way I have them angled I do not blind oncoming drivers and the light pattern is such that I could get away not using the regular headlights.

The other two beam patterns will burn out the eyes of oncoming drivers leaving smouldering pitts where there eyes once were..



Here are compairsons for the three differant beam patterns against  the Xterra headlamps.

All images were taken using the same shutter speed and apature with a white balance set to daylight.

Just the Xterra Headlights

Here is the flood lamp

The flood lamps fall off at about 300 feet from the Xterra but as you can see they do a great job of lighting the sides and in front of the Xterra.

These lights are mounted on an ARB bumper



The modified spot is a great companion to the flood as it picks up about where the flood leaves off.

Although it is hard to see in this small image the beam went well past the 3/10 mile mark.

These lights are mounted on an ARB bumper


Here is the modified spot

Here is the spot - the shadow is my camera

Wanna see what the dark side of the moon looks like? Use this lamp.

It really starts at about 2/10 of a mile and goes on from there. I was not expecting it to go out as far as it did so I did not place markes farther than 3/10 of a mile.

Judging from the road I would say that properly aimed you could see a half mile or better.

These lights are mounted on the roof of the Xterra

If you would like to see the high res versions of these images e-mail me.


Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

A great design at a great price. Durable construction and beam pattern options that will help you light up everything in your path.

Plus less current draw on your electrical system.

Review by xoc May 8, 2007

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