CALMINI Roof Rack - Review by Kevin Copland

Well I just figured I would share my thoughts.

This rack is extremely versatile, Heavy Duty & Easy to install.
High Points

  • Heavy Duty
  • No Plastic Parts (weak spot on the Nissan Rack)
  • EZ Bolt on Application
  • Increased Carrying Capacity
  • Price Vs Total Package

For more information about this product visit CALMINI

Calmini Rack

First off it does NOT come with the red accents, it is a powdercoat grey.The rack does come with the welded tabs, they are slightly bent on both sided to give substantial strength.


The rack bolts right on to the stock rack locations, NO DRILLING REQUIRED.
The rubber pads under the stock rack are reused with the calmini rack. You just need to trim off the middle top portion of the pads to make them flat.
You will also notice the base of the rack does have the bases bent to match to roof line.
The rack comes in 3 pieces for shipping and this also helps with installation. There are sleeves you stick into the rack that need to be drilled out and using the self tap screws to secure. I would attach the sleeved to the front and rear portion then attach those to the main rack. You only have the rack loosely assembled until it is fully bolted onto the roof, this makes it easier just incase the stock holes are a little off/different.
Yakima attachments DO work with the rack.

Lastly the amount of space and shear strength is insane. I can litterally jump on this and not deform the rack and of course the roof is fine as well.


  • Lack of floor - But easy to remedy
  • Would have been nice to have 1 light tab on the rear

    So why the rack.
    You can buy the Yakima rack and all the acessories to match the Calmini Rack for about $320-375.
    Yakima Rack $290
    Mighty Mounts to mount to stock Rack $20
    Light attachments Using mighty Mounts $20 using Yakima attachments $54
    Even with all of this you still have the weak plastic on the rack (Crossbar Ends), lack or useable space & not as much weight carrying capacity.

    So why am I posting this... I have priced other racks and even a custom one prior to getting the Calmini (extremely expensive). I even had a cheaper off beat rack. But my plastic stripped out on the cross bars and I still wanted more space/flexiblity.

    So look at the options and decide what you eventually really want out of your rack. If you are looking for all of thes options I recommend the Calmini Rack.


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