CALMINI Fuel Tank Skid
Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

The stock fuel tank skid on the Xterra is weak to say the least. It can handle some minor abuse but quickly gets bent out of shape with even moderate off-road driving. CALMINI has recently added chassis armor to their line of parts for the Xterra, and I recently installed and tested their fuel tank skid replacement.

The main components of the CALMINI Fuel Tank Skid kit include:

  • Fuel Tank Skid

Existing hardware is used to bolt the fuel tank skid in place.
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Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion

Installation is simple and only takes about 15 minutes.. If you can turn a wrench, you can install this. The skid plate weighs about 50 lbs, so having an extra set of hands may help.



Take the CALMINI Fuel Tank Skid out of the box.
Look at the quality welds and 3/16" zinc plated steel.

CALMINI Fuel Tank Skid out of the box


Remove the 4 bolts holding the stock fuel skid in place.

Put the stock fuel skid on the ground next to the CALMINI fuel skid. Notice the difference in strength.

Bolt the new fuel skid into place with the existing hardware. A floor jack is helpful if you don't have someone helping you.

That's all it takes, you're ready for the trail.

Installed in 15 minutes
Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion
Testing has been ongoing since I installed the CALMINI Fuel Tank Skid in March 2002. They have been to goneMOAB and have been dragged over several trails in Colorado including Spring Creek and Blanca Peak.

Taking a beating

The skid plate has held up very well over many trails in Colorado and Moab, including Golden Spike, Poison Spider, Metal Masher and Steel Bender. None of those trails managed to do anything but scuff the finish.

The leading edge of the skid has received criticism due to the steep angle of it (it slopes back the same amount as the stock skid but isn't rounded since it's too thick). So far I have had no problems with the design, and it has taken several hard hits.

If you like to run into stuff at speed and hope to slid over it, then this skid is not for you. If you use skid plates as intended, to absorb damage and protect delicate parts, then the 3/16" plate steel design will be a good choice for you and will prevent expensive damage.

More beating
Overview - Installation - Testing - Conclusion
The price may seem a bit high at $189.95, but it is comparable to others on the market. When you consider the cost of a new fuel tank, or getting towed off the trail somewhere due to a punctured tank, it's money well spent.
Review by xoc June 4, 2002

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